A popular model in Canada converted to Islam


Rosie Gabriel, a Canadian tourist and model, embraced Islam on a trip to Pakistan.

On January 10, Rosie announced on her Instagram page that she had converted to Islam.

Rosie posted a photo on Instagram. Where it was seen – dressed on a head and dressed in Salower kamiz. That is, she is covered in the garb of Muslim culture. In her hand is a book called ‘The Message of the Quran’. The Canadian traveler gave a detailed explanation of why she became a Muslim.

He said that Islam has been the only religion of peace in Muslim countries for the last decade.

On Instagram, Rosie wrote, “Why did I make such a big decision to come under the shadow of Islam? The year of 2019 was one of the most difficult times of my life. I used to think about the Creator and His creation from an early age. I felt a connection with the Creator.

But my path was difficult. When I was in trouble, I asked the Creator why You were hurting me. In the end I realized that everything was destined, and even my hardships were a gift from Him.

She then wrote, “Four years ago I lost interest in my religion, I condemned my former religion.” But in the meantime, I entered the depths of spirituality. And that’s how my journey began. The Creator has brought me to Pakistan. It has removed my pain and arrogance. It showed me the way of truth.

She said that Islam has been the only religion of peace in Muslim countries for the last decade.

Rosie Gabriel, in explaining Islam as a religion of peace, says unfortunately Westerners are misunderstanding Islam.

She said the true meaning of Islam is peace, love and unity. All other religions also convey a message of peace. But Islam is not just a religion, but a law. I am a Muslim now. Through Kalema Shahadat, I made a vow to dedicate myself to God and live a life of unity, connection and peace. ‘

Rosie has been welcomed by countless netizens in this Instagram post for her initiation into Islam. Already, one lakh 24 thousand likes have been added in the post.

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