By the way, the egg has all the nutritional value


Eggs are a protein-rich diet. Eggs are also available for breakfast, lunch and children’s tiffin. We may not know how to get all the nutritional value of the eggs we eat.

According to India’s renowned dietitian Resmi Roy Chowdhury, eggs are the best repository of protein. Various studies have proven that egg yolk does not prevent cholesterol. If you want to get all the nourishment of the egg, you should eat whole eggs.

Let’s know exactly how to cook eggs in the same way that all nutrients can be matched –

Half Boyle

Doctors claim that the white outside the egg is healthy, but the inside is semi-enclosed. The flame kills the harmful germs contained within the egg and puts all the nutrients inside the fence. Boiling five minutes in boiling salted water will be easy to find such a half-boiled egg.

Flower boy

About 12.5 grams of protein from the whole egg. So you can eat flower boy eggs to get nutrition. After boiling for ten minutes in saltwater, the egg is completely boiled.

Oil-less Pooch

If you can make oatmeal without oil, then both taste and health will be maintained. First, break the egg carefully into a bowl. It should be broken in such a way that the rinse is slow, not spread. Add pepper and salt according to taste. Now boil a little water with vinegar in a container and carefully release the broken eggs. Once the pooch is ready, drain the water. As the oil does not add to the pooch, all the nutrients of the egg are intact.

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