Car gift of 30 million to Mithila! Sreejit opened his mouth


A few days ago, Sreejit made a wife by marrying his favorite one. Before the wedding, there was a lot of talk about the relationship with Mithila. He thought that getting married would get rid of critics.

Where is it? After the honeymoon, he came to his father-in-law’s house to eat beef despite being of a different religion. The director faced criticism for keeping Mithila’s house under wraps.

The victim was attacked again by not cutting his rash. Or did he gift a car with a Range Rover model worth three million rupees! There is also the question of where did the bride get so much money to buy expensive cars?

A video has recently been released from a YouTube channel with such news. It has been claimed that the car has been given a pricey car to please the wife.

However, the creator has opened his mouth in this regard. Sharing a link to that channel from his Facebook account, the reputable creator of Kolkata comments, ‘The most expressive rumor of my life’.

No, he did not give Mithila a very expensive car. It is also astonishing to see that channel publish such information without verification. The caption used to convey the emojis she used.

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