CES 2021: Technologies that have caught the eye


CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.CES 2021: Technologies that have caught the eye
Amazfit Powerbeds

The new addition of the Chinese giant Huami to the wearable tech product list is Amazfit Powerbeds. This product has caught the eye of CES this year. The company showcased three-color 3D patterned powerbands in black, yellow and white. Chinese company Huami has caught the eye with a new smartwatch at this year’s CES room.

This wearable technology product, called Amazfit T-Rex, can be used from a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius to a minimum of 40 degrees Celsius. Its circular dial, olive-colored metal army, has caught the attention of the smartwatch.

Electric cars

The first day of this year’s CES, laptops, smart TVs, cameras were discussed but electric cars rose to the center of discussion on the second day. Japanese giant Sony and Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz showcased two electric cars on the stage.

PS5 gaming device

On the second day of this year’s CES, the PlayStation 5 gaming device is on display. Japanese electric product maker Sony has caught the attention of viewers on the second day of displaying the product. This gaming device is the latest version of Sony’s PlayStation 4 device. Users will get the feeling of 8K gaming.

Dell’s Concept Laptop

Dell caught sight of the UFO PC at the last CES room. The company has moved from PC to laptop. On the second day of this year’s Dell, two special model laptops have been showcased by Dell. Both models can be foldable or foldable.

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