Coronavirus has a cumulative death toll of 316,671


The global death toll of COVID-19 exceeded 316,671 as of Monday morning, says UNB.


Coronavirus has so far infected 4,801,875 people worldwide since it was first identified in China last year, according to Worldometer.


In the meanwhile, of the 2,627,034 people actually affected, 2,582,217 are in moderate care, which is 98%.

In the other hand, 44,817 of the patients actually affected are in critical condition, according to the Worldometer.


To date, 2,174,841 people have recovered from COVID-19.



Actually, 213 countries and territories across the world and two foreign airlines are infected by the virus.

Globally, the US has the largest number of cases at more than 1.5 million and the death rate is 90,978, still the highest in the world.


Currently there are 22,268 confirmed cases in Bangladesh and 328 deaths.

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