Coronavirus updates: Death Toll has risen


The Coronavirus is being spread at an alarming rate, and over time the death toll has risen. More than 106 people have died from being infected, by this virus, in China, according to International media.

According to the Chinese government, 106 people have died from being infected by this virus, and more than 4500 people have been infected by this deadly virus.

Chinese authority has disclosed, that the virus is spreading rapidly from one person to another.

Meanwhile, millions of tourists have traveled to china from different parts of the world, in order to participate in the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Due to the Chinese New Year’s holiday, many people are leaving to spend their holidays at home, and many others are also departing from China, to spend their vacations abroad. And for these facts, this virus is feared to have more chances of spreading.

This virus currently is not only bounded by borders in China. In the meantime, infected persons by this virus are being identified in United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Nepal, France, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea along with 16 other places.

The Chinese authority, to keep this infection under control, has instructed civilians to stay indoors during the spring festivals in Chinese holidays. Previously, the holidays lasted from 24th to 30th January, but now this has been extended to 2nd February.

According to the given statement of The National Health Commission of China, this virus can infect people from touch or physical contact.

The residents of Wuhan, the epicenter of this deadly virus, has been instructed not to leave the city. Also, the Chinese authority has forbidden people to travel to 15 cities in the Hubei provinces, central China.

Many countries are in Fear and panic of being infected such as Bangladesh, India, the USA, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and many countries in the world. Airports in these countries are screening people, who had just arrived there from China.

Some Bengali students are currently residing in Wuhan, China. Besides that, there are many Bengalis residing in China. By now the Bangladeshi Government is taking the necessary initiative, to bring back those Bengali citizens who are in China, in addition, the Indian government is also preparing to remove its citizens from China.



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