Erdogan will send troops to Libya despite Russian concerns


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he would send troops to Libya despite Russian concerns. The troops are being sent at the request of the North African country.

Such information was found in the news agency Reuters. He will present the matter to Parliament in January for legislation. Ankara has signed two agreements with Libya’s internationally recognized Fiaz al-Siraj government more than a month ago.

One of them is security and military support, the other is about the navy in the eastern Mediterranean.

The government of Siraj’s National Unity (GNA) has blocked the Caliph Haftar’s forces in eastern Libya for months. Haftar received the support of Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

In a speech given by the ruling AK Party, Erdogan said, “We received it after a request came from there.” We will raise the issue of sending this army when Parliament is introduced.

Erdogan traveled to Tunisia on Wednesday to assist neighboring Libya in reaching a possible ceasefire. On Thursday, he said Turkey and Tunisia agreed to support the GNA.

Russia has expressed concern over the possible deployment of Turkish troops to Libya. Turkey’s president said last week that Turkey would not be silent about the assistance of Russian-backed mercenary killers to Haftar.

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