Explosive tweets by Ogil Muslim torture in Uighur


Former German footballer Mesut Ozil has been disappointed in the silence of the Muslim Ummah over the inhuman torture of China over Uighur Muslims.

He was surprised to see no role of the Muslim Ummah in protecting Uighur Muslims.

On December 13, Ozil expressed his frustration and anger at his Twitter account.

The Arsenal superstar on Twitter called East Turkistan the Muslim Ummah’s ‘Blood Miner’. On the other hand, he strongly opposed China’s role in abolishing Uighur Muslims.

In his post, Ozil praised China’s Uighur Muslims as a “persecution fighter” and criticized Chinese authorities and Muslims who did not take sides for the Uighurs.

Even though Western media portrayed China’s inhuman torture on Uighur Muslims, the Islamic world is not thinking about it, nor protesting.

The former German footballer said he was surprised by the silence of the Muslim world.

In a tweet, he wrote, “The Quran is being set on fire in eastern Turkestan, the mosque is locked, the madrassa is closed, it is being slaughtered by Ulama and the youths are being subjected to slavery. ‘

Despite this, Mesut Ozil is surprised at the silence of the Muslim world.

Describing the torture of Chinese on Uighur Muslims, she said that at least one girl from every family was forcibly married to a communist man, with the men being held captive from the Muslim house. The Chinese government is implementing this mission in each family.

Ozil blessing the Muslims of Uighur: O Great Lord! Stay with our Uighur brothers in East Turkestan. And Allah is the Best of retribution for those who plot.

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