Five Bangladeshis die in 5 hours in New York from coronavirus


According to a journalist, at least five Bangladeshis died of Covid-19 in New York in 5 hours yesterday.


In addition, yesterday another Bangladeshi died of coronavirus in New Jersey, Zakaria Masud, editor of local daily Ajkal and president of the Bangladeshi business association Jackson Heights.

A 49-year-old engineer and a female restaurant worker are among the five who died yesterday in New York from 2:00pm to 7:00pm, Zakaria Masud said.


New York is home to lakhs of Bangladeshis. Many of those who work in the service sector and drive cabs are vulnerable, he said.

Covid-19 has been diagnosed to a number of Bangladeshis working at the New York Police Department, he said.
In addition, most hospitals in New York have Bangladeshi physicians, and they are providing care for patients with coronavirus, Zakaria said.



Many of them are getting the virus contaminated, he said

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