Global death toll of coronavirus 265,000


The worldwide death toll of COVID-19 exceeded 265,051 on Thursday morning, says UNB.


To date, 1,301,725 individuals have recovered from the outbreak.


For the 2,255,141 people actually diagnosed, 2,206,930 are in moderate pain, which is 98%, according to Worldometer.

However, 48,211 of those already diagnosed are in critical condition and have a two-fold rate.


After it was first recorded in China in December last year, 3,821,917 people worldwide have been diagnosed with coronavirus, Worldometer data shows.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) proclaimed the outbreak of coronavirus a pandemic on 11 March.


Meanwhile, the US confirmed 74,799 deaths and 1,263,092 cases, while Spain recorded 25,857 deaths and 253,682 cases before Thursday.

Italy, the hardest hit European country, has reported 29,684 deaths and 214,457 cases.


France, on the other hand, reported 25,809 deaths and 174,191 cases. In the United Kingdom, 30,076 deaths have been recorded among the 201,101 confirmed cases.

The coronavirus COVID-19 attacks 212 countries and territories across the world and two foreign carriers.


In Bangladesh, 186 deaths and 11,719 coronavirus cases have been reported

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