Global death toll for coronavirus crosses 165,058


On Monday morning the global coronavirus death toll crossed 165,058.

According to the world meter, 2,406,905 cases have been confirmed worldwide so far, since the highly infectious disease was first identified in China last December.

Of those infected, 1,624,834 are receiving treatment and 54,218 are in severe or critical condition, UNB reports.


So far there have been 617,013 people recovered.

Coronavirus affects 210 countries and territories worldwide and two international transports.


On 11 March the World Health Organization announced a pandemic of the coronavirus epidemic.


Meanwhile, seven more people in Bangladesh died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours on Sunday, bringing the country’s death toll to 91.

In addition, during the time a record number of 312 individuals tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the number of such cases in the country to 2,456.

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