Green tea will cure arthritis disease: research


Green Tea has been recognized as super food for decades. This tea has many qualities. We all know about the quality of this tea to lose weight.

However, a recent study has shown that those who suffer from light pain for a long time can benefit from green tea. Green Tea works very well to relieve pain.

Experts say that eating apples is just as good for the body, as a cup of green tea is very beneficial for health.

Now almost everyone suffers from arthritis and rheumatic disease or arthritis. The disease causes severe pain in various joints, ligaments, bones and muscles of the body.

Joint pain, loss of pace, swelling and redness appear in the affected area. Research has shown that green tea works well in preventing such diseases.

For decades, green tea has become a reliable food for doctors, nutritionists and dieticians. Because green tea is being used to reduce inflammation in the body.

The results of a recent study suggest that green tea can be used as prescribed therapy for arthritis patients. Although this study has been tested on rats.

One cup of green tea is good for overall health. They contain powerful antioxidants, known as polyphenols. It increases the ability of the body to fight diseases and helps fight inflammation.

According to doctors, this is good news for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. Green tea works well for the treatment of potentially harmful arthritis.

Earlier, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Neutron in 2012 found that green tea has other positive consequences.

Physicians and nutritionists say that green tea is very beneficial for health. That’s why doctors recommend adding green tea to the diet. They said that Green Tea helps reduce arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

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