How to earn money


In the context of our country, earning money is not an easy task. Because many students are unemployed by honors masters. As you all know unemployment problem is one of the major problems of Bangladesh. So here is no easy way for the students to earn water. If you have to earn money you have to suffer. Many people want to earn money by sitting at a glance, I want to earn money at home. The answer for you is, brother, it is not easy to earn money. So, I have highlighted the ways in which you can earn money in your student life without any difficulty.

How to earn money

  1. Incoming online: Earning online is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to earn through this, you need to be proficient in any of the tasks and this is a longtime process. If you come online today, your income will not start from tomorrow. Also if you want to work online, you need a laptop that cannot be managed by many students. However, if you want to manage everything online and earn good money. From here you can make more income than a jobber. It’s good for students to work online, blogging, writing articles or earning youtube. You can see my post for details. Ways to earn from online
  2. How to earn money by Part-time job: Many people do not like tuition, do not want to get paid or get tuition. They can do part-time jobs if they want. Getting a part-time job is also not an easy task. Still, you can try CV drops in different showrooms. Besides, most students are taken to call centers so you can try them in call centers.
  3. Photography: A good photographer is in great demand right now. If you have a good camera, you can earn money by doing photography at various events. If you want to make good income, you can take photography course from one institution.
  4. Miscellaneous: In addition to the above mentioned ways, there are more ways to earn money. For example, many work for 5/3 days at various event management firms, and many work part-time as a waiter at various restaurants, and you can translate your money into your hands. Moreover, you can be your campus representative of various news portals. Many are making good money as tour guides. In addition to these there are many different ways. The biggest thing is to try to do the job you can do well or to do the job you love. Only then can you do better.
  5. Tuition: The best way to earn money as a student is to get tuition. This task is easier for students to obtain than other tasks. This will lessen your time and your study will continue. You can get help from your college / university older siblings to get tuition. Or you can get help from acquaintances / locals in the area you live in. Many people get tuition through various media. And if you don’t want to do tuition, you can take classes in various admissions coaching or academic coaching. By doing this, the rules of your teaching can be abolished.

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