Mahathir will not stop at the wrath of Modi


Malaysia is worried about India’s new restrictions on palm oil imports in diplomatic disputes, but Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has warned that India will not step down.

He said although his country was economically disadvantaged but he would not remain silent against wrongdoing

India, the world’s largest consumer of edible oils, changed its policy last week to ban virtually all imported palm oil imports from Malaysia.

Malaysia is the world’s second largest palm oil producer and exporter after Indonesia.

The Hinduist Modi government has objected to Mahathir’s silence against India’s new religious law.

The 94-year-old prime minister has been outspoken in recent months, with Saudi Arabia and India having started bitter about Malaysia.

The Malaysian prime minister has also questioned India’s occupation of Kashmir earlier. While the country’s oil refiners are going to suffer huge losses, Mahathir said his government will find a solution.

“We are concerned,” he told reporters. Because in India we used to sell palm oil more often. But we should be sincere if we continue to do wrong. We have to say that.

Mahathir said if we are allowed to continue wrong, think only of the money associated with it. Then many will become wrong.

Reuters reported Monday that the Indian government has given informal instructions to traders to stay away from Malaysian palm oils. Now they are leaning more towards Indonesian oil.

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