Rejected from six hospitals, asthma victims die in an ambulance.


A 63-year-old woman suffering from respiratory problems died in an ambulance on Monday, as she was refused admission or referral to six hospitals in Sylhet, UNB reports.


The resident of Gogoltula in Sylhet has been an asthma patient for the past 35 years. She became ill around midnight on Sunday and was admitted to Al-Haramain Hospital in Sobhanighat, the news agency quoted her relatives as saying.

The medical emergency team recommended that she be taken to another medical since they did not have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

She was referred to another private hospital where she was again refused any treatment and recommended that she be transferred to the North East Regional Center.

The hospital officials there said they had no supply of oxygen to their patients.

She was taken to the Mother and Child Hospital in the Sobhanighat area- the fourth hospital of the night, for everyone carrying a score-where the doctors said they had no ICU facilities.


Her father, though, managed to purchase an oxygen cylinder from MCH after a large row and a lot of agitation-in the midst of a life-or-death situation.

The 5th hospital they sought was the Park View Medical College Hospital, where the on-duty physician advised that she be transferred to the Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College & Hospital.


The family did as they were told, but then, at Ragib-Rabeya Hospital, the on-duty physician did an x-ray, examined her condition, and recommended that she be taken to Osmani Medical College and Hospital.

The lady who had experienced intense pain in her chest by now had changed again, but by 2:30 a.m. when they reached Osmani Medical College, she had passed away.


The doctors of Osmani Medical College have pronounced her dead.

The elderly woman did not provide adequate care even though the government ordered hospitals to offer proper medication to patients during the coronavirus epidemic, said relatives who were not able to reveal their name.

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