Ronaldo is King, Rohit to Tamim.


As Bangladesh’s ODI skipper Tamim Iqbal had a live Facebook chat with India’s Rohit Sharma opener on Friday night, the pair proceeded to share their appreciation for Juventus and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Sharma even referred to Ronaldo as the “king” of football.

A variety of people, from various backgrounds, look up and respect the Ronaldo football phenomenon, potentially the greatest forward in the world. Only Tamim and Rohit are no different from their beloved singer Ronaldo and their old Real Madrid club.


During one part of the video call, Tamim said, “I bet you ‘re a huge fan of Real Madrid, aren’t you?”

The separate sport was split into two categories by the Bangladesh National Team.


“Me too. I’m a massive fan of Real Madrid. We ‘re still battling Real Madrid and Barcelona in the locker room because half of them are supporters of Barcelona and half of them are supporters of Real Madrid. Yeah, you ‘re still a big Ronaldo fan?” Tamim told Sharma.

And what the guy, dubbed ‘Hitman,’ said for his brutal bashing, will please not only Tamim but also millions of fans who respect and support Ronaldo, the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or.

“Yes, of course. Who doesn’t love Ronaldo? Ronaldo is the King. What he did with his career is simply outstanding. You have to bow down and applaud whatever he did in his career because it’s not easy because of the background he came from. In the beginning, he had a really hard time. I respect all those people who have had a rough time in their careers at the beginning and at the end, they’ve gone on to make it really big out of the chances they’ve had, “said Sharma.

Tamim and Sharma may be tough rivals on the field as they play for Bangladesh and India, but the two top performers are sure to find common ground because both openers have the utmost respect for Ronaldo.

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