Russian airstrike kills five civilians, including children in Idlib


Russian airstrike kills five Syrians in Idlib Russia At least five civilians have been killed in a Russian airstrike in Idlib. There were also two children too. 9 more were injured at this time.

Turkey’s state news media Anadolu Agency said this on Monday, citing local defense agencies.

It is reported that two civilian women and a child were killed in the attack on Mara Shimirin village of Binnish city. Four people were also injured. On September 2018, Moscow and Ankara signed bilateral agreements. So far 1300 civilians have been killed in that exciting area of ​​Idlib.

More than one million people have taken refuge in Turkey from the Syrian area. The bloody civil war broke out in Syria on the 27th.

About 3600,000 people have taken refuge in neighboring Turkey for the protection of life. As a result, Turkey has become known as the largest refugee country in the world, the most powerful Muslim country in military terms.

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