The rise of digital marketing in online media


Everything is becoming technology dependent over time. The rise of digital marketing in online media And with the development of information technology, we can take any service, starting from the point of sale and selling our products at home. Digital marketing is the operation of selling products or services online / via the Internet using digital media and digital technology. Digital marketing is the only method used for marketing in the web world. What is digital marketing? How to do the requirements for this are the first phase of a series of events. Written by BNS Bahar, a digital marketing expert

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of services using digital technology or the Internet. For example, you see some sponsored posts while browsing Facebook or by typing in a word browser and searching on Google and showing the ad below. These include digital marketing. Connecting with the buyer in the right place and at the right time is the key to digital marketing.The rise of digital marketing in online media is developing day by day.

Why digital marketing is needed?

Our present era is the age of information technology. Once upon a time there would be no paper in the world. Everyone will read the news on the Internet. In line with the technology and keeping the future in mind, the online version of the world-renowned media including Bangladesh has started very well. The website publishes regular news. News sharing on Facebook to bring readers to the website. Website SEO is doing optimization.

Areas of digital marketing in online media-

  1. 1. Search engine optimization
  2. SEO Friendly News Reporting
  3. 3. Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. Search engine marketing etc.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a method by which a website is ranked in the search engine. That is, SEO is the process of displaying a website first in search results with one or more keywords specified in the search engine. When working with search engine optimization (SEO), first of all you need to know what search engine and search result.

Search engine: Search engine is the technology of finding any information or image in the web. Search engines collect information from indexes of almost all web sites and display them to users. The top 5 search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Baidu.

Search Result: Suppose you search Google by typing a keyword – after typing this keyword, many websites will appear after searching Google. This is the search result.

SEO work is usually done in three steps. As-

1. on page SEO optimization

2. off page SEO optimization

3. Technical SEO optimization

On page SEO Optimization: On page SEO optimization or website optimization. For example – Meta titles, Meta descriptions, titles of used images, proper use of tags and captions, internal linking to various pages of the website. The details are as follows:

Keyword research: The keyword is the search word. If you want to know about a topic, the key word that you can search Google to find meaningful words. Keyword research is a very important step in SEO. There are many free and paid tools available for keyword research. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing keywords:

1. Country Targeting

2. Search volume

3. Keyword defaults etc.

Depending on the website and scope of work, the decision to accept free and paid services will be made.

Keyword Density: Keyword Density is the ratio of keywords. For example, you wrote a content in 100 words. If you apply the keyword three times, then the keyword density is 3%.

Meta Title Tag: Meta Title Tag is the HTML tag of a web-page. When you search the search engine, it appears. Brand keywords should be used in the Meta title tag.

Meta description tag: Meta description tag is the summary HTML tag of a web-page. The visitor quickly understands that the website is providing some kind of content. Below the Meta title tag is the URL, then the Meta descriptions tag.

SEO Friendly URL:

SEO Friendly URL means

1. The URL will not contain question mark (?), Under-score (th), star mark (*) etc.

2. The URL will be shorter.

3. The URL structure of the website post will be – root domain + post headline.

Robot Text: Robot Text allows Google and other search engine robots to DE-index some web-page indexes or some web-pages on the website. This means that the web pages you give access to Google and other search engines, only those pages will be able to go to the search engine robots and index.

Site Map: Google has to create a site map of the post to give precise information.

Image Alternate Text: Proper image alternate text should be used in the photo content of the website. When uploading an image, the size and file name of the image must be adjusted. It’s good to use high resolution images.

Favicon: Create a unique favicon for the website, which will increase the value of your brand. Favicon size can be 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

Flash File: It’s best not to use any Flash file on the site. You can use the gif file instead of the flash file.

Internal link: Linking from one content to another content is the internal link. There are some things to keep in mind when using internal links:

  1. Internal link so that the content or keywords of the simulator is done.
  2. Generally if the internal link at the end of the content is good. The reader’s attention is right when reading the content.

Broken Link: Broken link on the content that cannot be found when you visit that link. Broken links may not be placed on the site in any way. You have to remove the broken link from the site.

Dead Link: The link that you cannot find anything on is Dead Link. Dead links on the site are in no way acceptable.

H-3 Tag: H-3 Tag is an HTML tag. According to the keyword, the appropriate use of the H-3 tag on the site.

HTML Page Size: As far as possible reduce the HTML page size, this will make the site loading time faster. User engagement will increase.

Over all we can say that the rise of digital marketing in online media is the most important in the new era.

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