The rise of digital marketing in online media


At present, the demand for digital marketing as a profession or a freelancer can be called aerobics. Just as a digital marketer’s field of work is being created in domestic companies, clients are posting jobs every day for digital marketing work in online marketplaces. Digital marketing is the only method used for marketing in the web world. What is digital marketing?

After the first round of online media, there is talk of search engine optimization and on-page SEO optimization in the areas of digital marketing.

Off-page SEO Optimization: Off-page or website optimization. Off-page SEO optimization is what we usually mean as a backlink. In fact, there are many factors that work beyond just backlinks. Such as Competitor Analysis, Competitor Data Hack, and White Hat Link Building, etc.

Competitor Analysis: Competitor Analysis is market research. What is Competitor doing, how are you doing, why are you doing a marketing plan? Take a checklist of them as far as possible. Without Competitor Analysis, it is almost impossible to rank a site.

Competitor Data Hack: Don’t just do Competitor Analysis. Regular updates about the Competitors should be kept. That is, compotators have to work out how to obtain data and plan accordingly.

Web 2.0: The easiest contextual backlink source web 2.0 for creating website backlinks. Hundreds of Web 2.0 sites can post back to your site by posting multiple articles, taking backlinks to your site.

Local listings: There are various business listing sites to add sites to.

Profile Backlinks: You can add links to your site by opening profiles on different sites.

Genuine Commenting: There are some sites that can be commented on. After reading the content, comment on the Relive and come along with a link to your website.

Photo Sharing: There are many photo sharing sites that use the link to your website as a content source when giving photos.

Link building is, in fact, an ongoing process. White Hat Link Building can be done in many more ways.

Technical SEO Optimization: Technical SEO refers to optimizing a website’s ranking factor in order to reach the search engine rankings.

The details are as follows:

Google Webmaster: Knowing Google Webmaster is vital for working with SEO. Google Webmaster is Google’s own free service, which allows you to monitor and maintain websites. To index a website on Google, you need to sign up for the Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console. Google Webmaster Account can be opened with the name of the website with a Gmail account.

Some tips on Google Webmaster-

Sitemap: The sitemap of a website is to be submitted to Google Webmaster. This allows Google to index the content and updates of the website very quickly. Creates Indexing Reports as well.

Content: Google Webmaster monitors almost all the content of the website. You can find out how many impressions a content has and how many visitors have read the content. As a result, we can easily understand what kind of content people will read.

International Targeting: Google indexes content nationally and linguistically. The webmaster must choose which country a website wants to rank in. Then the site will be ranked accordingly.

Search Results and Clicks: Visitor reports of any kind of keyword coming to your site by searching on Google. Total Website Impressions and Total Clicks can be easily extracted with Google Webmaster.

Website Load Time: It is very easy to calculate the load time of the website. If the load time of the site is high then the reader will read the news less. It may also be that the reader is offended and left the site. The bounce rate of the site will increase. As a result, the site load time should be reduced so that visitors are not disturbed and stay at the site for long.

Mobile-Friendly: According to a survey of news websites, about 70-80% of total readers read news from mobile devices. So the website must be mobile-friendly. The website Mobile Friendly Report is available on Google Webmaster.

Security: Hackers sit on the site to hack the website. Google Webmaster Notification notifies you of any security issues of the website.

Google My Business: Google My Business is a Google service that reports the presence of companies or companies online. When you search Google by typing the name of an organization, you can see the business location, photos, addresses, and other information in the box on the right side of the PC and on the top of the mobile. This is basically to create with Google My Business. For example – Business Name, Category, Location, Address, Business Hour, Phone Number, Website, Map Listing, etc.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics Tools is a free service from Google. By which you will know-

-Visitor’s Real-time Report

– Visitor location

– Number of visitors

-Referral Site List

-The number of visitors to the search engine

-The bounce rate of websites

-Comparative report

– The number of visitors from social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

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