Trump’s sanctions threat against Iraq ‘not very helpful’: Germany


In the wake of US withdrawal from Baghdad, the threat of US President Donald Trump’s sanctions against Iraq will not be very helpful, Germany said. “I do not think he will be able to persuade Iraq by threatening to exclude logic,” Foreign Minister Haiko Mas told the Deutsche Flankenfunk radio.

He also warned that years of trying to rebuild Iraq would fade if the situation escalates. European leaders urged to reduce tensions urgently but Mas acknowledged that US President Donald Trump is hoping for strong support from the allies.

Mike Pompeo spoke on the phone with German, France and British counterparts. Then Haiku said, “We are not happy with the percentage of support for the US move. It is important that the European Union presents a unified view, so that the situation can play a role in keeping calm. The German diplomat added that our security interests would be greatly damaged if the war in Iraq. So here we have a responsibility.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to Moscow to discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin amid tensions over the assassination of Iranian general Qasim Solaimani in the US attack. The news agency AFP reported such reports by the German government.

It is reported that Foreign Minister Heiko Mas will accompany her on the visit. During the meeting, they will discuss the current conflict situation. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the threat to all our interests was Iran’s General Qasim Solaimani. So we did not mourn his death.

The former mayor of London has called on all parties to ease tensions. The British daily reported the Guardian. He spoke on the phone with President Donald Trump on Sunday, following the US assassination of Qasim Solaimani on Friday morning.

Returning to his retirement on the Caribbean island, Boris Johnson said he would also ask Iraq to support peace and stability. Iraq has called for the dismissal of foreign troops, including British troops, from the country’s parliament. Boris said that Kasem Solaimani was a threat to all our interests. He was responsible for destructive, destabilizing behavior in the Middle East.

‘The steps he has taken in his leadership role have led to the death of thousands of innocent people and Westerners. We will not mourn his death. “The British Prime Minister said it was clear that all calls for revenge and revenge would drive the region into more violence. Nobody has any interest in that.

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