Woman accuses MP Enamul of fraud and forced abortion


A woman who claimed to be the wife of Enamul Huque, a member of the parliament of Rajshahi-4 (Bagmara), accused him of deception and forcibly aborting her fetus.

The woman, Ayesha Akter Liza, 30, posted a Facebook status claiming that she received death threats from lawmakers on 29 May.
MP Enamul Haque, however, claimed that Ayesha was her second wife, but had already divorced her. However, Ayesha refused to receive any notice of divorce.
She shared a couple of images on Facebook that showed her next to the MP. “The MP ‘s supporters threatened to kill me. They say charges are going to be filed against me and I’d be thrown into prison, “Ayesha posted on Facebook on 1 June. “He’s going to divorce me because I took action to the newspapers. I’m so mad. I ‘m going to the Prime Minister and I’m going to seek justice.
According to her Facebook post, Ayesha was an entrepreneur who met Enamul in 2012. They were married at Ayesha ‘s parental residence in Baghmara on 30 April 2013, but the marriage was not registered at the behest of the MP, as the pregnancy would hurt his reputation and would make it difficult to be elected.
Ayesha said she has video recordings and pictures of the wedding ceremony. She claimed that she had been pregnant in 2015, but Enamul had her abortion because it was unwelcome for him before the referendum.

Ayesha said that their marriage was licensed on 11 May 2018.
Contacted by phone, Enamul said he divorced the woman on 23 April. “If she decides to say something she should do at the trial. How is she expected to post these on Facebook and the media? This was done with the intention of damaging my reputation

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